Fun Love and Relationship Quizzes

flowers-onlineIf you are with the right person, relationships can be fun and exciting. Relationships can give you the opportunity to grow and learn with someone you love. Relationships can give you support when you need it and help you over those little bumps on the highway of life.

Relationships can also be hot and heavy. But how do you gauge the hot factor in a relationship? How do you know if you and your partner are intimately compatible? There are fun love relationship quizzes that you can take to help you figure that out.

Hot or Cold?

Fun Relationship and Love QuizzesWhy do we place so much emphasis on sex and intimacy? As a society it can be overwhelming. All kinds of media from movies to television to music videos have strong elements of intimacy and sexuality.

As an audience, after awhile you start asking yourself: Am I hot? What kind of lover am I? Do I satisfy my partner?

One of the ways to find out is by taking a fun love relationship quiz. These quizzes can take several forms from fill-in-the-blank to multiple choice. Fun relationship quizzes can help you to decide how intimate you are or want to be with your partner.

Let’s face it, sometimes we are not sure what we want. Especially in a new relationship, sometimes you are not sure how far and how fast to take it? A fun love relationship quiz can help you to figure that out.

Good Advice?

Make your sex life strongerTopics of fun love relationship quizzes can vary, particularly when you are discussing intimacy. Topics can be anything from What Kind of Animal Am I in Bed?, What Are Your Turn-Ons?, to Do I Satisfy Him/Her?

Fun love relationship quizzes can ask a wide number of questions and give you a summary based on your answers. But is the advice good or bad? Is it helpful or not?

When it comes to questions of intimacy, sometimes it not so much the value of the answer as it is the entertainment of taking the test just to see what kind of answer you are given. That is not to say that a fun love relationship quiz cannot give you good advice. But most people tend to take these sorts of quizzes just for enjoyment.

You can share the results of an intimate test with your partner or even have them take it. So good advice? Maybe. Fun and entertaining? Definitely.

Fun Quiz Sites

There are sites all over the internet that offer fun love relationship quizzes. A simple search will reveal page after page of sites. To help you out, though, here are a few sites with some fun love relationship quizzes that you and your partner can take. is a site that has a Love Quiz. It’s not so much about intimacy as it is about finding out your real feelings for someone. Each question is ranked from 1 to 9, with 1 being Not At All and 9 being Extremely. Each question has a blank where you fill in your partner’s name when it refers to them. is a cool quiz site that has a wide list of fun love relationship quizzes you can take. They have quizzes such as Is He Into You? and Are You Over Your Ex? One of their more entertaining quizzes is their What Kind of Sex Animal Are You? The quiz has six multiple choice questions and asks things like I Like to Make Love (where) and After Sex I (what). It’s a fun one to take with your partner and see how each other answers the questions. is a site that has a section for quizzes that all center around self-help and evaluation. They have a sexuality quiz, a purity test, and a love quiz. Their love quiz is a true/false test that asks things that you might have difficulty with such as whether you enjoy hugging people or being hugged in return, whether you feel lust, or finding love that lasts. has a hot intimate Sex Style in Bed quiz. This is another good one you can take and share with your partner. It has 10 multiple choice questions which can get very private in nature. I would recommend this one for adults only.

In addition, you’ll find fun and hot products at to buy, which should spice-up your relationship.