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have-the-relationship-you-wantHave you ever wondered if your partner was really the right one for you? Did you ever wish you could take a test or relationship quiz to see if your boyfriend was the jealous type? Or are you just looking for fun relationship questions to ask your partner?

An ever-expanding number of online sites provide free love tests to help you out. These “free love tests” provide advice and answers to the romantically handicapped and cover everything from crushes, mutual attraction, compatibility, and sex.

Free love tests cover a huge variety of topics, and most of these free love tests provide a link at the end of the test so you can share the results with others.

Free Love Tests Are Free!

Free Love TestsThe best thing about these love tests and relationship quizzes is that they are completely free. You don’t have to sign up or register. Just click on the link and away you go, asking and answering fun relationship questions.

The questions are all multiple choice because that is the best way for the software to calculate the final answer. Most of these free love and relationship tests are just for fun, but sometimes a person looking for answers to a romantic question may find help in the form of one of these tests.

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Free Love Test Sites

Fun Relationship QuestionsIf you do a search for “free love tests”, you will get page after page of different sites that all offer various categories of tests and quizzes. There are a lot to sift through, and it can be daunting if you are looking for a specific love test or relationship quiz. Here are a few sites that might be able to help you out, and this particular site will provide you with information for a successful relationship, buy it here. is a test site that centers on love and romance. Their categories are all about different forms of compatibility. There is Personality Compatibility, Jungian Compatibility, Commitment Compatibility, and Relationship Compatibility, to name a few. Once you choose a category, you then get to see their list of free love tests. The list is pretty big with a variety of titles like Is It Love or Lust?, Are You a Lover or a Player?, How Romantic Are You?, and How Close is Too Close. is a site that provides all types of free love tests, quizzes, free fun tests, and personality tests. They have the Love Match Test that uses the horoscope to match your perfect romantic type of person. There is also the Love Personality Test that is supposed to tell you what kind of romantic person you really are. is a site dedicated to everything relating to romantic Valentines Day. They have a large category of topics, including free love tests designed to test your relationship. Their Love Test Online is supposed to be able to tell if you and your significant other are right for each other. The site also has a Love Calculator that by entering your name and the name of your partner, can predict the future of your relationship just by your names. Then there is the True Love Test that gauges how well your true love knows your likes and dislikes. has plenty of free love tests to choose from. They have personality tests, true love quizzes, relationship quizzes, and compatibility tests. One such test of theirs is the Zodiac Sign Love Match that uses the horoscope to match you to your perfect love. has a free love test that can tell you what type of person you are romantically. It was designed by a psychologist from the University of London and can tell you how you will normally behave in a relationship situation. The site only has the one test.

Free Love Advice

books about relationships for womenThese free love quizzes are entertaining and there is something to be said for free advice. Take it for what it is worth. Nothing says that these tests and relationship quizzes cannot be helpful.

Many of them are meant to be taken and shared with your partner because it can be a fun and flirty thing to do. Not all advice you get from these free love tests may be good but if they can help you better your relationship, then more power to you.