Free Relationship Quizzes

books about relationships for womenHealthy relationships are a beautiful, wonderful thing. They are also a lot of hard work. They have to be managed and maintained to keep them working properly.

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Some people can do this with little to no effort, but for most of us, we don’t always know the right answer to a problem. So where do we get help? You can turn to your friends but what if they are as confused as you?

Helpful advice can come in the form of free relationship quizzes. These are quizzes dealing with romantic questions and they can be found all over the Internet.

Free Relationship QuizzesFree relationship quizzes deal with a wide range of topics, everything from Is He The One? to Am I Girlfriend Material?. The most common type of free relationship quiz is a series of questions that offer multiple choice answers. You choose the answer that best meets your needs and at the end of the quiz, the answers are calculated, and you are given a final answer.

Sometimes it’s the answer you want and sometimes it isn’t. That is the nature of these free quizzes.

The second type of free relationship quiz is one where you are asked a question or situation and you rank it from 1 to 5. The numbers can represent anything from Not Very Important to Extremely Important or things like that. At the end of the quiz, the numbers are totaled up and your score will give you a certain answer.

Do We Need Free Relationship Quizzes?

Everyone at some point or another will have a question or need some advice that for whatever reason they can’t get anywhere else. Free relationship quizzes are designed to help you out in certain romantic areas. Plus, since they don’t cost anything, you really have nothing to lose by trying them.

A lot of the relationship quizzes are simple, like Does He Like Me? or What is My Perfect Date? These type of free relationship quizzes are fun to take you can share the results with your partner.

Other free relationship quizzes can get more serious such as Is He Cheating On Me? While they may not be as helpful as professional advice, they might still be able to give you some useful hints on a situation so that you can take it to the next step.

Why Not Get Professional Advice?

Okay, not every romantic problem needs to be taken to a professional counselor. They are not going to help you with topics such as Is He Mr. Right? although I am sure they would be glad to take your money. Many of these free relationship quizzes deal with things that you don’t need serious professional help.

Also, did I mention that these quizzes were free?

Free Relationship Quiz Sites

By now you may be wondering where you can find these free relationship quizzes. There are dozens and dozens of quiz sites all over the Internet. Some of the better ones include: is a social site that has several categories of free quizzes. In their Love and Dating category, they have a list of relationship quizzes that deal with a wide topic. Are You Jealous of Your Ex? is a quiz that helps you figure out if you are really jealous of your popular ex-significant other. What Animal Are You With Your Lover?is a fun quiz you can share with your partner. It shows you what type of animal you would in bed such as a tiger, a bear, or a chameleon. is a site dedicated to healthy living and positive relationships. They have a section with a list of free relationship quizzes. Their quizzes have 10 questions each and what is cool about their quizzes is that after every question, they show you the percentage of people that agreed with you. That is a great way to see how the majority of people progressed though the quiz. Some samples of their free relationship quizzes are Are You Ready to Date Again?, Are You Emotionally Unavailable?, What Type of Men Do You Attract?, and Are You in a Healthy Relationship?get a healthy relationship by buying this book. is a helpful site with a few free relationship quizzes. Each quiz is supposed to be written by relationship consultants and the quizzes are Listening Skills Rating that describes how well you listen to your partner, Communicating Assessment Questionnaire that helps you to understand your communication beliefs,Fighting Fair Evaluation that evaluates how you argue, Relationship Dynamics Scale that rates how healthy of a relationship you have and how to make it better, and a ten question Love Quiz.