Questions to Ask in a New Relationship

flowers-onlineCouples in a new relationship want to get to know one another. But when you’re in a new relationship, there are so many questions to ask that you’re sure to forget to some new relationship questions. Here areĀ questions to ask someone in a new relationship, which can act as a guide for new relationships.

One thing when asking questions to your new relationship partner is to listen to the tone of their answers. You can learn a lot about your partner’s history and outlook on life by the response to these relationship questions. Also, there are questions to ask and ways to ask questions that are less intrusive than others, so you aren’t necessarily forcing your boyfriend or girlfriend to confide everything too soon.

With that in mind, I’ll start with questions that allow your partner to give you more, but actually focus on the good things in live.

New Relationship Questions to AskNew Relationship Questions to Ask – Childhood and Family

These questions focus on your partner’s childhood and family relations. While some people had “bad” childhoods, most people still have a few fond memories, which is what these questions are designed to focus on. And while your partner’s family can be a minefield of trouble in a relationship, it’s probably best to get some idea how your boyfriend or girlfriend gets along with their family.

In either case, focus on your new relationship partner’s answers to these questions. While your boyfriend might not give a straight answer, how he doesn’t answer the question will be telling. If he’s unwilling to talk about his childhood, that’s important. And if he doesn’t want to talk about his family and siblings, that’s a pretty telling non-statement.

Relationship Questions - Childhood and FamilyI’ve also included a few other “fun relationship questions” for getting to know your new love.

  • What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  • If you could relive any one day from your childhood, which day would it be?
  • What were your childhood hobbies?
  • Did you have any favorite family traditions as a child? Do you have favorite family traditions today?
  • How often do you talk to your family?
  • Which member of your family are you closest with?
  • What is your idea of a perfect day? A perfect date?
  • If you could travel to any one place in the world, where would you go?
  • What is the best “relationship advice” someone has ever given you?

New Relationship – Serious Questions to Ask

Serious Relationship QuestionsThe next list of “new relationship questions” to ask are more philosophical in nature. By philosophical, I only mean questions about someone’s views on life and life issues. These might be social, political or religious views, or simply a person’s approach to life.

You might not ask these questions on your first date, because they might be a little too serious or heavy for some people. Choose your spots with these questions, and if the first one isn’t received well, move on to another subject. I try to leave these as open-ended as possible, so your date can take these questions in a number of different directions.

  • Do you believe in destiny?
  • Do you believe men or women are more romantic? Who is more sentimental?
  • What three words best describe you?
  • What makes you laugh? What makes you angry?
  • How do you want to be remembered by people?
  • Is it possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex?
  • Are you into “public displays of affection”?
  • Are you interested in politics? How important is religion to you?

These last two questions I would suggest you approach with caution. Politics and religion can be conversational hand-grenades, and you don’t want to turn a pleasant date into a heated argument. If you don’t find politics and religious important to you, avoid these questions. If you do and you want to know the views of a potential partner, know what you’re getting into.

Sexy Questions – Romance Questions – New Relationship Questions to Ask

Sexy Relationship QuestionsAt a point, it’s appropriate to ask a few romance and sex-related questions when starting a new relationship. This is a sneak preview of what’s on your date’s mind romantically and sexually. I’ve tried to write these questions to leave an out for your partner, so you can bring up the subject in a playful way.

  • What kind of clothes do you find sexiest?
  • What’s the difference between attractive and sexy? Sexy and erotic?
  • What’s the most romanctic thing you’ve ever done? The sexiest thing you’ve ever done?

We’ll have a full page on “sexy relationship questions”, and most of those questions would be wholly inappropriate for couples not sleeping together. I’ll discuss pillow talk later. For now, go with these starter questions.

The romantic questions sections above should give you plenty of questions to ask in a new relationship. Pick and choose the most appropriate new relationship questions to ask. Listen closely and you’ll learn more about your date or new partner than you thought possible in a new relationship.