What Does It Mean When…Answers to 101 Relationship Questions

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does it mean when…?” If so, we probably have your answer.

Below, 101 relationship questions are listed and responded to. While the answers to these questions are intended to be informative and thought-provoking, also keep in mind that they are meant for entertainment purposes only. Decisions involving your future happiness should come from the heart, not from the Internet.

Relationship Questions for Singles

relationship dating siteIf you’re currently flying solo, these relationship questions for singles should help you to better navigate the sometimes treacherous landscape of being alone.

    1. What Does It Mean? Relationship QuestionsWhat does it mean when I have trouble getting a date with an “attractive” woman? Your idea of “attractive” may be unrealistic. If you’re only going after supermodels, you may be setting the bar a tad high. There’s nothing wrong with outer beauty, but don’t forget about the inner beauty, as well.
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    3. What does it mean when most of my dates never get past the first one? You may be doing something wrong. Write down a list of your actions on recent dates, and show it to some objective friends. See if they notice any unusual activity on your part. If that doesn’t work, it may simply be a run of bad luck. Don’t sweat it, and keep trying.
    4. What does it mean when I feel out of touch with the current dating scene? Don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole. If you’re uncomfortable, it’s probably going to be obvious to those around you. When looking for members of the opposite sex, stick to places where you feel comfortable.
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    6. What does it mean when I have trouble finding someone who is looking for a long-term relationship? You may be going after the wrong sort of person. It might be a good idea to try an Internet dating service, as they feature millions of men and women who are looking for long-term relationships.
    7. What does it mean when I get nervous about asking someone out? There’s nothing wrong with being nervous, especially when it comes to asking someone out. Most people don’t like rejection, so that makes you pretty normal. Just don’t let your nervousness stand in the way of actually getting a date. That’s the only time that it becomes a problem.
    8. What does it mean when I keep making bad choices about who to date? You need to reevaluate your priorities. “Party girls” and “bad boys” aren’t going to provide a lot of emotional fulfillment.
    9. What does it mean when I’m not having fun on a date? It means it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your time and money on someone who isn’t doing it for you. There are plenty more fish in the sea.
    10. What does it mean when someone I hook up with shows signs of an STD? It probably means they have an STD. Suggest that both of you get tested before getting into a sexual relationship. If they refuse, take that as a major hint and get to steppin’.
    11. What does it mean when I have trouble getting into trendy singles clubs? Check your wardrobe. Clubs with doormen are interested in letting in people with a certain “look.” If you don’t fit that model, your chances of getting in are slim. Then again, perfectly-dressed people may also be excluded if they’re considered too old or unattractive.
    12. What does it mean when members of the opposite sex don’t approach me? It means you should get off your butt and approach them first. Don’t waste time sitting around and waiting for the other person to initiate contact. Life is short.

Relationship Questions about Dating

Relationship Questions about DatingAt some point, most people have relationship questions about dating. It’s not at all unusual, and we’ve listed some of the most common questions and answers about dating below.

    1. What does it mean when the person I’m dating runs a background check on me? They might be overly cautious, especially if a past relationship ended badly. On the other hand, they might be trying to find out how much money you make. Proceed with caution.
    2. What does it mean when my girlfriend says things are moving too fast? It means you need to slow down or risk driving her away. If, however, you’ve been dating for over a year and she’s still saying that, it might be time to wise up and move on to someone else.
    3. What does it mean when my new boyfriend buys me an expensive piece of jewelry? If he’s buying you jewelry early into the relationship, he’s either really smitten or really rich (or both). Then again, the jewelry could be fake. If you’re not looking to get married anytime soon, you might think twice before accepting such a lavish gift.
    4. Men, you might want to try something more subtle, try giving her some flowers.

    5. What does it mean when I’m dating someone much older? There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to older members of the opposite sex. Beware of anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.
    6. What does it mean when I’m dating someone much younger? There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to people younger than you (as long as they’re of legal age). You might get a few looks when you’re in public, but those people are probably secretly jealous.
    7. What does it mean when my date expects me to pay for everything? If you let them get away with this, it’s never going to stop. There’s nothing wrong with a man paying on the first date (that‘s usually expected), but every time is a little ridiculous. Talk it over with the other person and explain how you feel. If they insist you keep paying, it might be time to look elsewhere.
    8. What does it mean when my boyfriend is always staring at my breasts? He might be more interested in your body than what’s going on in your head. Tell him this behavior bothers you. If that doesn’t correct the problem, then nothing probably will.
    9. What does it mean when she gave me her number, but I can never reach her? She probably gave you a fake number or one that’s been disconnected. This is a favorite tactic by waitresses, as they are constantly hit on by male customers. That’s what you get for asking out someone at Hooters.
    10. What does it mean when my boyfriend doesn’t open doors or pull out my chair? If he doesn’t believe in this kind of thing, there’s no point in trying to force him to. He’ll only resent you for it. Learn to accept it or start looking for someone else.
    11. What does it mean when the girl I’m dating seems reluctant to have sex? If she doesn’t want to sleep with you after just a date or two, it just means she’s being cautious. If you’ve been dating for a year, then you’re probably never going to get any.

Relationship Questions about Sex

Relationship Questions about SexRelationship questions about sex can be fun and informative. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions about sex, because more problems arise from ignorance than anything else.

    1. What does it mean when my boyfriend tells me I’m too kinky? It means you should get in touch with me as soon as possible (just kidding). Actually, some men are less adventurous than others when it comes to sex. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with certain bedroom activities, respect his feelings and look for things which you both find pleasurable.
    2. What does it mean when I fantasize about other people during sex? There’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about other people during sex, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. If you’re thinking about someone else during your first encounter with a person, however, then you’re probably with the wrong partner.
    3. What does it mean when my partner always seems to want sex? It just means that your partner has a healthy sexual appetite. If it becomes too much, just sit them down and explain that their sex drive is higher than your own. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a middle ground that will work for both of you.
    4. What does it mean when my partner never seems to want sex? This might be cause for concern. Either your partner doesn’t care about sex, or they might be getting it somewhere else. Sounds like the two of you need to have a long talk.
    5. What does it mean when I catch my partner masturbating? Most people masturbate from time to time, so it’s nothing to get freaked out about. If you’re in the mood, you might really surprise your lover by moving across the room and mimicking their actions. If that doesn’t lead to some hot sex, then nothing will.
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    7. What does it mean when my partner always wants to have sex with the lights out (or dimmed)? They may be embarrassed by their body. Many people have a negative image of how they look in the nude. Reassure your lover that you like their body. That should do the trick.
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    9. What does it mean when my lover gets too rough during sex? Make sure to set some boundaries during lovemaking. If things get too rough, be sure to let your lover know about it. If they persist, call a halt to the activities at once.
    10. What does it mean when my boyfriend begins hinting that he’d like to try a threesome? It means he wants to sleep with another woman, but he thinks he can sucker you into taking part, as well. Unless this is something you’re into, don’t fall for it. Bringing strangers into the bedroom is a good way to ruin a relationship.
    11. What does it mean when my lover doesn’t worry about safe sex? It means they’re an idiot. Stop having sex with this person until they get tested for STDs, and insist that they use protection from then on. If they refuse, dump them on the spot.
    12. What does it mean when my girlfriend won’t let me ejaculate on her face? It means she’s not a porn star. You’ve been watching too many movies. Respect her boundaries or expect a good slap.
    13. What does it mean when I have trouble getting an erection? Either you’re not getting sufficiently aroused, or it might be time to get a prescription for Viagra. If it’s the former, you might try thinking of arousing imagery, or maybe even put a porn movie on in the background.

Relationship Questions about Marriage

Relationship Questions about MarriageWhether you’ve just gotten engaged or have been married for years, a number of relationship questions about marriage are bound to come up. Hopefully, the following answers should come in handy.

    1. What does it mean when my husband says he doesn’t want children? This can be a major sticking point in a relationship, as most women will feel the desire for motherhood at some point. Try talking to your husband to learn why he’s opposed to children. Did he have a traumatic childhood, or does he just not want to be bothered with raising children?
    2. What does it mean when my spouse has different religious beliefs from my own? The biggest problem might arise when you have children, as both parents will probably want the child to be raised in their faith. Unless you’re especially devout, it might not hurt to let your partner have their way. If you’re both very devout, then you’re in for some major headaches.
    3. What does it mean when my fiancée wants a more expensive wedding than I can afford? Sometimes, the father of the bride will cover the expenses of the wedding. If this isn’t the case with your marriage, sit your fiancée down and explain your financial limitations. If you’re marrying a spoiled little princess, this could really be a tough spot.
    4. What does it mean when we have trouble agreeing on a honeymoon location? Sit down and talk it over calmly. There’s no sense in calling off the wedding because you can’t decide between Bermuda and Fiji. If you’re a man, why are you arguing about the honeymoon location in the first place (unless her demands are insane)?
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    6. What does it mean when my fiancée wants to postpone the wedding? It probably means one of two things. One, they are understandably nervous and need a little extra time before making such a big life decision. Two, they regret getting engaged and think you might not be the person they want to spend their life with. The tough part is figuring out which one it is.
    7. What does it mean when my husband forgets our anniversary? If it’s your 18th anniversary, then he’s just gotten lazy. Give him a little grief, but not too much. If he forgets your first wedding anniversary, get the rolling pin ready.
    8. What does it mean when a couple asks if we’re into “swinging”? That means the couple is looking to have sex with you. Swinging involves activities such as swapping partners and group orgies. Make sure you’re really interested before agreeing to something like this, as not everyone can handle the potential strain on a relationship.
    9. Try toys instead, it might be a better transition point to bring passion back to the marriage.

    10. What does it mean when my fiancée suggests a pre-nuptial agreement? It means that they want to keep whatever money they personally earned in case of a divorce. If you really love them, this shouldn’t be an impediment. If, however, you married them for their money, then this could be a deal breaker.
    11. What does it mean when my spouse can’t get along with my parents? Try not to take sides. Attempt to act as a mediating force and help the conflicted parties come to a mutual understanding. If that doesn’t work, try to limit visits by your parents.
    12. What does it mean when my spouse is diagnosed with cancer? It means that they need you more than ever. Battling cancer is a major event in anyone’s life, and it’s much easier if surrounded by supportive friends and loved ones. Never treat them as a burden. Remember, what goes around comes around.

Questions about Past Relationships

Questions about Past RelationshipsIf your partner has ever dated or been married to anyone, then you may find yourself with questions about past relationships. While past relationships can cause problems and leave emotional scars, they are not always as bad as they seem.

    1. What does it mean when my partner talks about their ex all the time? It means they’re having trouble letting go of the past. If this bothers you, try reminding them that they’re now with someone else.
    2. What does it mean when my wife was abused in a past relationship? It means you will need to be especially supportive of her needs. Physical and emotional abuse can be very traumatic for a woman, and her partner needs to act accordingly.
    3. What does it mean when my husband abused his previous wife? You need to be very careful, as many habits are hard to break. If the abuse was due to drug or alcohol issues, then the problem may have been corrected through sobriety. If, however, the abuse was brought on by anger issues, the problem may be more likely to resurface in the future.
    4. What does it mean when my ex had a drinking problem and so does my current boyfriend? Either you’re meeting all your men at bars or you’re drawn to the wrong type of individual. Your best bet is to break this cycle of behavior, as people with drinking problems can cause hardship and embarrassment for everyone around them.
    5. What does it mean when my partner doesn’t want to talk about their past relationships? Something traumatic may have happened in the past, so approach the subject with caution if your partner seems unwilling to talk. Don’t pressure them. There’s nothing wrong with being a little suspicious, but try not to jump to conclusions.
    6. What does it mean when my wife was cheated on in a past relationship? It means you’ll have to work even harder to keep and gain her trust. If she’s been cheated on, she might very well expect you to do the same in the future.
    7. What does it mean when my spouse cheated during a past relationship? If they’ve cheated once, they might be tempted to do it again. Don’t dwell on the matter, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out for warning signs.
    8. What does it mean when my partner confesses to having a large number of lovers in their past? There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they practiced safe sex. If you’re really concerned, suggest that both of you get checked for sexually transmitted diseases before entering into a physical relationship.
    9. What does it mean when my girlfriend’s ex just got released from prison? It means you’re either trapped in a bad movie or you’re a country musician. If the ex actually starts coming around or making threats, don’t hesitate to call the police.
    10. What does it mean when my husband keeps in touch with his ex-wife? If they had children together, then a certain amount of contact is natural. If they seem too chummy for your liking, talk with your husband and explain that you’re uncomfortable. While every divorce doesn’t need to be messy, there’s no reason for him to spend too much time with his ex. He’s with you now, so don’t hesitate to remind him of that.

Relationship Questions about Money

Relationship Questions about MoneyMoney, as the saying goes, is the root of all evil. It’s also the root of many problems between couples. These relationship questions about money should help.

    1. What does it mean when my spouse wants to keep separate bank accounts? It probably means they want some spending money for themselves. Try not to be too controlling when it comes to the money they’ve personally earned.
    2. What does it mean when my boyfriend borrows money without asking? They’re inconsiderate. Sit them down and talk about your concerns. If they do it again, get rid of them.
    3. What does it mean when my girlfriend criticizes my income? She’s either highly insensitive or a gold digger. Either way, this kind of behavior doesn’t bode well for the future of your relationship.
    4. What does it mean when my boyfriend doesn’t want to talk about money? He might be embarrassed about his income. Try to reassure your boyfriend that you care about him and not his bank account.
    5. What does it mean when my wife makes more money than me? Men are expected to be the breadwinners in American society, but having a wife who makes more money is nothing to be ashamed of. What’s important is that you can support your children, pay your bills and live comfortably.
    6. What does it mean when my partner is terrible with money? It means you need to handle as much of the income as possible. Talk with your partner and make sure they understand and agree to this arrangement.
    7. What does it mean when I can’t agree with my wife on how to spend our money? This can be a source of major problems in a relationship. You might consider opening a joint account to pay bills and then separate accounts where both of you can spend money on whatever you want.
    8. What does it mean when my wife wants a joint checking account? She’s probably just being practical. A joint account is particularly useful for couples to pay their bills and make family purchases.
    9. What does it mean when my husband wants to open a savings account? He’s probably thinking about the future. This is an excellent way to increase your funds for future vacations, your child’s college education and much more.
    10. What does it mean when my wife wants to get several credit cards? It means you’re about to enter the seventh level of hell. Credit card debt is one of the worst kinds of debt, as it just keeps increasing every month. If you do have a credit card, try to get one that requires you to pay the entire balance each month. This way, you’re not tempted to make the minimum payment and incur additional interest charges.

Relationship Questions about Communication

Relationship Questions about CommunicationRelationships thrive on communication, both verbal and non-verbal. That’s why relationship questions about communication are so vital.

    1. What does it mean when my partner makes me feel bad about myself? It means your partner is being insensitive. Try making them understand how their comments are hurting your self-esteem. If that doesn’t work, you might consider finding someone more supportive.
    2. What does it mean when I don’t seem compatible with my boyfriend/girlfriend? If you don’t seem compatible, then there’s a good chance that you aren’t. Don’t waste time trying to force a relationship.
    3. What does it mean when my husband doesn’t want to talk about his feelings? Men aren’t the same as women (big surprise). One of the biggest differences is their willingness to express their emotions. While it doesn’t hurt to try and get your husband to talk about his feelings, don’t make him feel pressured. That will only make him more guarded.
    4. What does it mean when my wife is always bugging me to talk about my feelings? Women like to talk about emotions. Even if you hate such things, it’s best to try and humor them at least a little. Life will be so much simpler in the long run.
    5. What does it mean when my girlfriend gives me the silent treatment? She obviously thinks you’ve done something wrong. Try to find out what it is and fix it (if that’s possible).
    6. What does it mean when my boyfriend yells at me all the time? He’s got anger issues. Yelling never solved anything, and it only serves to erode the foundation of a relationship. Try getting him to express himself in a more positive way. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to find a new boyfriend.
    7. What does it mean when my partner often insults me during arguments? They’re lashing out. Emotional abuse can often be as scarring as physical abuse, so don’t put up with this behavior for long.
    8. What does it mean when I want to go to a marriage counselor but my spouse doesn’t? They either don’t think there’s a problem or they don’t want to confront it. This is a bad position to be in. Try explaining to your spouse that you want the marriage to work. Unless they want a divorce, a marriage counselor may be the only remaining option.
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    10. What does it mean when my girlfriend wants to have “pillow talk” after sex? Pillow talk is the post-sex conversation which occurs when both your heads are resting on the bed’s pillows (assuming you have sex on the bed). Women love this kind of stuff, so be sure to tell them how special they are and how great the sexual experience was.
    11. What does it mean when I have difficulty reading the non-verbal signs my partner is giving? It means you need to work harder. Some people are easier to read than others, but anyone can be read with practice and careful observation.

Relationship Questions for Men

Relationship Questions for MenKeeping a woman happy can be a full-time job. With that in mind, we present some helpful relationship questions for men.

    1. What does it mean when she pulls back from a kiss? Either she’s not ready to kiss you yet or you may have a problem with bad breath. Try to find out what the problem is. If it’s your breath, that can be easily corrected with a mint or spray.
    2. What does it mean when my wife seems less interested in sex since giving birth? That can be quite common. Many women become unhappy with their bodies during pregnancy, and this can often extend to the post-childbirth phase. Reassure your wife that you still find her desirable. Don’t pressure her, though.
    3. What does it mean when your relationship becomes too predictable? It means you need to throw in a little variety. Try surprising her with a gift for no reason or making love in a different location (even a different room of the house will do). The smallest change can have a great impact.
    4. Go traveling too, bring back your honeymoon days to live.

    5. What does it mean when a woman won’t put out on the first date? It just means that she wants to take things slow. Remember, women aren’t as willing to drop their underwear as men, so you’re going to have to work at it a little harder. And if she does sleep with you on the first date, just consider yourself lucky.
    6. What does it mean when an ex-girlfriend shows up and claims to be pregnant with my child? It means you need to have a test to establish if the child is yours. If the results are positive, man up and help raise the kid.
    7. What does it mean when women keep saying I have a fear of commitment? You need to take a long look at your behavior in relationships. The women in your life could be right. The first step to correcting a problem is admitting that you have a problem.
    8. What does it mean when a woman tries to get me to read Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus? She probably thinks you need to work on your relationship skills. Don’t dismiss the book in question, as it’s actually a pretty helpful guide to understanding the different needs of men and women.
    9. What does it mean when my spouse is always nagging me about household chores? It means you need to do your share around the house. Even little things like taking out the garbage can make a big difference. If she stays home and cares for the children, a little help around the house will be especially appreciated.
    10. What does it mean when she refuses to give me oral sex? Not all women are into performing oral sex, despite what you might see on the Internet. If you can’t live without it, try performing oral sex on her first. If she likes it enough (and she should), then there’s a good chance she’ll return the favor.
    11. What does it mean when she comes into the bathroom while I’m using the facilities? It means she’s comfortable in your relationship. If you feel embarrassed, however, there’s nothing wrong with letting her know that you need a little privacy from time to time.

Relationship Questions for Women

Relationship Questions for WomenMen can be hard to figure out sometimes. That’s why we designed these helpful relationship questions for women.

    1. What does it mean when my husband/boyfriend stops giving me compliments about how nice I look? It means they’ve just grown lazy when it comes to maintaining your relationship. Give them a gentle reminder that you still like to be complimented from time to time.
    2. What does it mean when my husband is flirting with other women at the club? While this could be cause for concern, it could also just be typical male behavior. Men love to flirt with attractive women, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t cross the line.
    3. What does it mean when my boyfriend spends more time with his friends than me? If he’s actually spending more time with them, then it means he enjoys their company more than yours. This could be a sign of a serious problem in your relationship, but just make sure you’re not exaggerating the amount of time he spends with them.
    4. What does it mean when I find lipstick on his collar? Unless he works at a cosmetics factory, the most likely explanation is that he’s cheating on you. You should confront this problem immediately. Either talk to him about the situation or hire an investigator to follow him. Either way, you should prepare yourself for some potentially heartbreaking news.
    5. What does it mean when I keep catching my boyfriend telling lies? It means he can’t be trusted. At a point, it will be impossible to tell where the lies end and the truth begins. Get out of this relationship as soon as possible.
    6. What does it mean when my boyfriend hits me? It means he’s an abusive jerk. Get away from him, but be very careful. Numerous abuse hotlines are available with experienced counselors to guide you through the appropriate steps.
    7. What does it mean when young men no longer find me attractive? It simply means that you’re getting older, a fate which awaits us all. It’s nothing to cry about, however, as there are still many available men out there. If you really have a thing for younger guys, you might consider searching through online chat rooms and online dating sites to find young hunks who are into mature women.
    8. What does it mean when my husband wants his parents to move in with us? If there’s a legitimate reason for this (such as an illness), try not to make too big of a stink. Otherwise, make sure your husband knows your true feelings on the subject. Ultimately, however, this is probably a battle you’re not going to win. Even if you do, you’re going to end up looking like a complete bitch.
    9. What does it mean when a co-worker asks me to lunch? Maybe he hates to eat lunch alone, or he might be interested in you. It really shouldn’t be too hard to tell, especially if he offers to pick up the cost of the meal. If you accept, this will definitely send the signal that you’re also interested (so be careful before you do).
    10. What does it mean when my ex-husband won’t pay child support? It means that he’s breaking the law. Unless there’s a very good reason, don’t sit back and allow him to shirk his court-appointed responsibilities to his child. If there is a good reason, however, (like he just lost his job) try to give him a little break until he gets back on his feet.

Relationship Questions about Divorce and Break-Ups

Relationship Questions about Divorce and Break-UpsIf you’ve recently ended a relationship, these questions about divorce and break-ups can help you cope with the aftermath. If you’re thinking about ending a relationship, these questions can help you know how to proceed.

  1. What does it mean when I break up with someone and they threaten to commit suicide? This is a serious problem. Threats of suicide are never to be taken lightly, but you also can’t allow yourself to be held hostage in a relationship. Your best bet is to consult a mental health professional (or a suicide hotline) and seek advice on how to get your ex the help they need.
  2. What does it mean when my spouse visits with an attorney without telling me? If he’s an attorney that specializes in divorce, then the answer should be obvious. Otherwise, it may be nothing to worry about. Be certain about this before you jump to conclusions.
  3. What does it mean when I feel like a jerk for breaking up with my girlfriend? It just means you’re human. Most men don’t like being the bad guy when it comes to the opposite sex, but there’s also no reason to stay in a relationship when it’s obviously not working. Don’t let a little guilt get between you and your future happiness.
  4. What does it mean when my spouse wants a divorce, but they’ve never expressed any major problems with our relationship?Your spouse either has a problem expressing their emotions, or they’ve found someone new. Try talking to them to figure out which is the case. If you can talk about your problems, maybe the relationship can be salvaged. If they’re seeing someone else, you might as well find yourself a good lawyer.
  5. What does it mean when my partner suggests some “time apart”? It most likely means that your relationship will soon be over. “Time apart” usually ends with the person who suggested it seeing someone else. Prepare yourself for the worst.
  6. What does it mean when I break up with someone and they can’t seem to let it go? They either still have feelings for you, or they lack the confidence to pursue another relationship. Either way, you need to be careful in this kind of situation. Make it clear that the relationship is over. If they ever threaten you, tell the police (or the biggest, meanest family member you know).
  7. What does it mean when my boyfriends keep breaking up with me? You’re either dating guys that are wrong for you, or you’re somehow driving them away. Examine your behavior in these relationships and imagine how you would feel if your boyfriends acted like you.
  8. What does it mean when my spouse won’t agree to a divorce? The most likely answer is that your spouse still cares for you and doesn’t want to give up on the relationship. Before you persist, make sure that a divorce is what you truly want (especially if you have children).
  9. What does it mean when I’m still sleeping with her even though we’re divorced? It might mean that there’s still something there, or it could just mean that you’re both afraid of moving on. If it’s the former, you should really explore your inner feelings to find the answer. If it’s the latter, don’t let some great sex get in the way of your future happiness.
  10. What does it mean when my girlfriend or boyfriend wants to “see other people”? It means they want to sleep with other people but still keep you around as a security blanket in case things go wrong. Don’t put up with this kind of nonsense. If they aren’t willing to be with just you, then they don’t deserve you.

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