Free Relationship Advice

If you want free relationship advice, complain about your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the free relationship advice will pile up at your door. Some of this advice is valuable,  some dangerous. Friends and relations might give you advice that hurts you or someone else — some people are not experienced enough to give you advice. Others will advise you in the wrong direction intentionally, from a place of personal greed, or because they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Relationship advice is available for free from the media — MTV, Tyra Banks, Dr. Phil, Oprah and her magazines, even “news networks”. They all offer advice and ideas about what normal relationships are. Treat this kind of advice like advertising. Be skeptical and think for yourself.

Free Relationship AdviceBad advice surrounds us in the form of sexism, racism, foolishness, the actions of foolish characters on television who berate women to entice them — and with any luck we can recognize this kind of advice and flush it away.

But sometimes (rarely) you’ll find solid free relationship advice. Free relationship advice which ignores what’s best for others or what’s “normal” and focuses on you and your needs. Few people who will give you this kind of good relationship advice for free — a psychologist will run $150 an hour or more. And true friends knowledgeable enough to advise you about relationship troubles are too few and too rare.

Our goal is to provide you with that last kind of free relationship advice, the kind that points you toward the truth, the kind that avoids advising you in black and white and tries to get a handle on the gray areas. Serious relationship problems require serious and honest relationship advice, and sometimes our friends and family are not the best sources, only the most convenient.

Here you can read advice from multiple writers on topics ranging from commitment issues, dating advice for teenagers, advice on relationships tailored specifically for men as well as that aimed at women, and long distance dating — a variety of articles updated regularly and here for free all the time.

Your grandmother may not be hip enough to understand your bicurious girlfriend’s anger management blog and how it affects your relationship — or your friends may have ulterior motives when it comes to giving you relationship advice. You shoes feeling worn out? Our writers have been in them many times before, and in many cases may still be in them.

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