Flirting – It’s All About Technique

When it comes to flirting, it’s all about the technique. Flirting techniques are the key to successfully attracting a person’s attention and making initial contact. Men and women in the dating scene need a good flirting technique or else they’ll have to stand around and wait for someone else to make the first move.

So what are some good flirting techniques?

Men and women flirt differently and have different techniques, and for each, you might just be interested in this booklet for men, and this booklet for women.

Flirting Techniques for Guys

The best flirting technique for a guy to remember is to have confidence. When you walk into a bar, party, or club, you need to ooze confidence. Smile at women who make eye contact with you.

Act interested.

But not TOO interested.

You want them to know that even though you might be attracted to them, you are not desperate.

Flirting TechniquesAnother good, basic flirting technique for a guy is when you see an attractive woman, go ahead and walk up to them. You might spend a few minutes across the room making eye contact and giving them your best smile. But don’t linger. If they return the smile, you need to go for it. By walking up to them and introducing yourself, you are showing her again that you have confidence in yourself.

Once the introduction has been made, the hardest flirting technique to master is keeping the conversation going. Guys should ask her about her interests, what she likes and doesn’t like. Ask her where she works or goes to school.

This shows the woman that you are interested in her as a person and not just trying to put another notch in your belt. Talking about her also shows that you are not shallow and self-centered. A guy that only wants to talk about themselves is bad.

A guy should try to be funny, make a few well-placed jokes. A girl likes a guy who can make her laugh. But don’t be TOO funny. This isn’t a stand-up act at a comedy club we’re talking about.

Eye contact while talking to a woman is essential. Don’t stand there staring at her cleavage. If you look below her neck, you are sending a message that you are more interested in her body than in her personality. While this may be okay with some women, it doesn’t fly with most.

Flirting Techniques for Girls

catchhimandkeephimGirls flirt differently than guys. Granted it doesn’t always take much to get a guy’s attention. However, some times they are not as clued in to the subtle flirting gestures and cues. So what is the best way to flirt with a guy and get his attention? Here are some pointers.

There is always going to be some one out there who is going to be attracted to you, even on one of your worst days. But in order to have a better chance of attracting the guy you want, you need to dress your best. This doesn’t mean you need to shell out the bucks for designer clothes. It means you need to find something that makes you look appealing as well as something that you are comfortable in.

Although girls tend to stay in a group in a social setting, guys can be intimidated by approaching a girl in front of her friends. Give the guy an opening. If you want a guy to make the first move, give him a chance by stepping away from the group. This will give him the opening he needs to go for it.

You should always be polite to a guy. It can take a lot of guts for a guy to get up the nerve to approach a beautiful stranger. If he gives you a compliment, smile and take it graciously. Even if it turns out that you are not interested in him, don’t shoot him down mercilessly. He may have some cute friends.

Compliments are a big form of flirting. Say something nice about the way a guy looks, how well he dresses, or how good of a listener he is. Guys respond well to compliments. It gives them a positive signal that their efforts are appreciated and guys like that sort of thing. To really drive home a compliment, touch them lightly on the arm or shoulder (or leg, if you are sitting down). A touch is intimate and  if not overdone, can let a guy know that you are definitely interested.

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