How to Meet Older Women

Learn How to Meet Older Women

online dating siteIn today’s society, polls and studies show that young men are increasingly dating women in an older demographic. At the same time, a growing number of older women, also commonly known as cougars, are dating men young enough to be their sons. For young men looking to meet older women, it may be easier than you think.

Often, young men in their twenties may find women in their own age to be too immature, high maintenance or demanding. These women tend to be at a point in their lives where they may be needier and require more attention. Conversely, older women usually will have achieved higher career goals and now be more focused on finding a long-term, meaningful relationship.

Best Places to Meet Older Women

Meeting older women whom you have common interests with is simpler than you might imagine. In addition to physical meeting places, emerging technological advances in social networking have made meeting new women and, potentially, reconnecting with past loves easier and faster than ever before. Younger women who typically have fewer demanding work and family commitments look for men in bars and clubs. If you want to find mature older women attempting to balance busy professional and family lives, you will need to look in more subtle, yet practical places.

Virtual dating environments, as well as physical environments provide ideal opportunities to search for compatible older women. Some of the most common places to meet eligible older women interested in pursuing a relationship with a younger man are:


With so many busy working professionals finding it increasingly difficult to find time for love in their busy schedules, it seems like every day you hear about a new online dating website available to help them connect with people from around the world on a schedule that fits their individual needs. Many of these dating websites are tailored specifically to younger men interested in meeting older, more mature women. Young men will have the opportunity to get to know potential matches via online chat services, video chat or telephone. If the young man feels he has met the right older woman for him, they may choose to meet in person and see how the relationship evolves from there.

In the workplace

Working busy careers often can blind us to potential love interests we encounter every day. Young men should try striking up a conversation with older women in the workplace with whom they already share some commonalities. A loving bond and a potential long-term relationship can be formed by building upon an already strong working relationship.


While many women nowadays may stray from church during their youth, it is common for many older women to begin reconnecting with the church. Most churches offer a variety of activities for singles to participate in and mingle with each other.

Grocery store

Young men should try striking up a casual conversation in the grocery store. Perhaps offer to lift a heavy item for an older woman. Never underestimate the power of casual conversation to leave a lasting impression on a woman.


Enjoying giving back to your community through volunteer work is an effective means of meeting equally charitable older women with whom you can share your common interests.

Dating websites

The vast array of dating websites available allows young men to search for older women by things such as common hobbies, tastes in music, occupation, etc. The young men can screen the suggested matches from the dating sites and pick the older women they feel they are most compatible with.

Other social networking sites

In addition to the numerous online dating sites available, many young men may find older women of interest of other social networking sites. Social networking sites allow you to search for people by common interests. Also, younger men may have the opportunity to locate past love interests or older women they have always had a desire to ask out, but never had the courage before now.

Helpful Tips for Meeting Older Women

relationship dating siteYoung men should use certain formalities when trying to attract older women as they tend to demand more respectful and courteous behavior than younger women. With years of experience in the dating world already under their belts, older women will more easily recognize when they are potentially being scammed or taken advantage of by young men.

It is important to always remember to be more respectful when trying to attract an older woman. Many of them may have small children and will be looking for someone who can act as a role model.

You should never forget to act like a gentleman. Older women will feel special and appreciated when young men perform gentlemanly acts such as holding doors open, pulling out chairs, and offering the women their coats.

It does not matter what age the woman is, thoughtful and meaningful compliments will always help a young man make a nice impression. However, older women have heard most of the usual pick-up lines before, so you should make sure that your compliments sound sincere. Sincerity and honesty are two traits that are very effective for attracting older women.